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This is a detailed guide to writing an effective guest post for high-traffic bloggers. These tips work because I’ve used them myself, resulting in thousands of new readers and new email subscribers, and lots of books sold.


While many new bloggers write content and pray for others to come, proactive bloggers reach out to others in their field, write amazingly good content, and quickly build a name for themselves.


I’m surprised why more people don’t do it: You get exposure to new readers on massively popular blogs, create tons of links, and get new subscribers to your blog’s RSS and email subscriptions. When done right, traffic increases in a powerful step-function, and when done regularly, guest posting is one of the best techniques for getting more and more qualified readers.


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An overly simplified visualization of how effective guest posts drive traffic.

So here’s the deal: Each week, I get multiple pitches for guest posts, and most of them is nothing interesting because they’re often “me-too” posts that contain nothing new or list-y articles that make everyone’s eyes glaze over.


What I’m looking for


I’m thrilled to send lots of traffic to people with interesting ideas that encourage my readers to achieve their ambitious goals and “achieve the impossible”. So I am constantly looking for interesting ideas — especially from up-and-coming bloggers. I’ll speak for myself, although many high-traffic bloggers will tell you the same thing: If your guest post is simply a rehashed old point, it’s dead in the water. Here’s what I look for:

  • Original content that tells my readers something new. This is simply the most important factor of all.
  • Stories about successful personalities that achieved extraordinary results in different life domains. If you have your own story on the topic “achieve the impossible” or a story about an other successful person, you’re highly welcome to post here your articles.
  • Posts that are backed up by research, charts, data, and expert quotes, not your opinion. It’s easy to write what you think. It’s much harder to produce data that backs up an argument.
  • Posts that are backed up by research on successful people I already wrote about or new ones (champions, adventurous, updates on competitions related to individual sports).
  • Substantive discussion.

Common mistakes with guest posts


  • Writing the guest post before you pitch me. Please send me multiple story ideas, with bullet-pointed sub-points, and let me suggest the best one for my audience.
  • Not sending writing samples. Bloggers are lazy and risk-averse. I don’t want to invest a bunch of time in back-and-forth email exchanges if the end result turns out to be a crappy post that I can’t use, and I don’t want to disappoint you by saying “no” after you put in all that work. If you don’t have writing samples, get some — start by guest-posting on smaller blogs. Always include writing samples — preferably ones written on other blogs — so I can see if your writing style is a good fit.
  • Limiting yourself to guest posts in your domain. There’s no reason to. My site isn’t just about life, success and extreme achievement, it’s about individual sports, adventure, extreme performances in different life domains and everything related to it. I write on a diverse range of topics, so I can get linked to from more social circles. From muscle building to ultralight travel, I tie it all into a larger concept of ‘lifestyle design.’ So, if you have an interesting guest post on how you achieved yourself extraordinary results in sport, business, weight loss, relationship, health, personal growth or doesn’t matter what, I might be interested.
  • Including your affiliate links. Just don’t do it. In fact, if you’re linking to another Amazon book, you should add my Amazon code to make my life easier.
  • Making me do additional work. When you submit the final guest post, it should be fully ready to be inserted into WordPress and it will just magically work. This means you should write your byline, format your post, add images on your own server (but also attach them to the email), and otherwise make it 100% ready to go.


Once you considerate those points, your post and proposals are highly welcome on my blog and I encourage you to contact me to discuss about our common projects.

Antoinette Champclos


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